2021 Joint Top Breeder with 3 UK Champions in that year

2019  Harriet and Heike winning many classes with Harriet on 2 CC 5RCCs  and Heike with 1CC 1RCC


December... Harriet continues to dominate the young bitch classes this year  her and her sister Heike  also gain her Junior Warrant.

Young Harriet wins BPIB at championship shows already with 2RCCs one from the Minor puppy class and one .with Best puppy at Crufts, her sister Heike close behind with Best Puppy bitch at the Club show

 2017  Anton became Ch Anton in the summer of 2017 and the new star Harriet starts her show career with a bang ......Best Puppy in Show at her first show W of England Ch show.

Anton has been flying my flag. Winning BPIS, BIS CCs and BOBs and almost every class he's been in...He is proving to a bit of a star.

August off to relax at home

July    Meryt picks up another RCC at Windsor and her daughter Flavia a nice puppy class win at the Southern CKCS show

June Flavia debuts at WofEng Breed club and at Bath and wins MPB at both, Meryt the RCC at Bath

Spring 2016 Anton Wins BPIS at South and West Wales CKCS club, BPIS West of Eng CKCS club and BDP at WELKS and Toy puppy Gp 1 at IOW open show....a good start for the young prince.

End Feb 2016  Dustin flies to Philadelphia USA for a stay with Tina and Stephanie Sterling

Jan-Feb.......Dustin wins at LKA, Boston and Manchester winning the RCC, his last show in the UK

Aug-Dec ...... Dustin continues to win most of his classes. Leeny and Meryt take time off to produce puppies.

June/July...... Dustin wins his Junior classes at East of Eng and Joint CKCS clubs and then wins the RCC.

May.......  Dustin wins at WELKS and BATH to give him the final points for his Junior Warrant at 14 months

April ......Southern Cavalier club Championship show Dustin wins 3 classes

February...... The 'Club' show Dustin wins Puppy and Meryt wins Yearling

December ..... Dustin wins puppy at Midland CKCS Championship show, Garrick and Meryt  2nd in their classes.

November...Dustin wins Best puppy in show the West of England then RBIS

Annual Heart clearances for Dustin, Garrick,Leeny,Ladybird, Lady Lauretta and Laura

October......Dustin debuts  - Crufts qualified each time out ...Meryt wins YB at the Scottish and the RCC

Sept .....Meryt wins again at Richmond

August......Meryt wins 3 seconds at the Northern CKCS club then the BCC at Bournemouth,   Garrick OD and Leeny OB. Onto City of Birmingham and both Meryt and Leeny won 3rds.

July  .....Meryt makes a rare appearance at East of England and wins Junior and Novice

June ......Leeny wins Open Bitch and the RCC at Southern counties

May............Garrick wins Open dog and the RCC at Bath.

February .... Meryt after a long break, comes out and wins Best Puppy in show at the West of Eng CKCS Championship show. All annual Eye tests are clear for the whole family.

New Champion 

AKC Champion Verheyen Seve  ...at under 12 months

and all points at just 6 shows

 Congratulations to his owner... Nancy Douglas, Kexby Cavaliers in Ohio