Ladybird  never wanted to be a showdog despite winning  classes in big entries, so she stayed home to be a house pet. Her strengths seem to lie in the whelping box with pick of litter from each of her two litters winning best puppy of sex at their first championship shows and going on to win CC and RCCs.

 Verheyen Ladybird

 Homebred  blenheim bitch  DOB 24/01/08

 by  Ch.Ricksbury Royal Edition of Crystaldean

 ex  Rivermoor Lady Lauretta

 Ladybird has a cardiologist issued clear heart  (at 9), eye certificate and  A grade  MRI  (Stonelion Neurovet) certificates.

DNA tested Clear of the genes for EF and CC


 Now at 9 years old

Guy..  another Ladybird baby son from her second  litter